Butherus Maser & Love Promotes Awareness of Safe Driving Practicies

The last several years we have seen way too many accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. Butherus, Maser & Love is trying to raise awareness of the need to share the road as well as the necessity of drivers to focus on driving and of pedestrians to remain aware of their surroundings.

Lighted reflectors and flashing lights are being distributed to various organizations around town for use on bicycles and/or backpacks. It is their hope that the increased visibility will lessen the chances of future accidents.


As pictured, Duane Wunderlich, Chef and Food Manager at the F Street Community Center accepts a supply of lights from Family Service Representative Laurie McAdams. Duane said he was very happy to be “…serving up safety”. As a part of Lincoln Parks and Recreation, “F” Street Community Center (12th &F) is committed to creating a safe, fun, recreation-based environment where children, adults and senior citizens can come together. They strive to provide services and programs that strengthen family unity, personal growth, health, and community awareness.

Located at 4040 A Street, Butherus, Maser & Love has been an integral part of the Lincoln community since 1883 and endeavors to stay involved in the activities and events of the families they serve. To find out more about this initiative, please contact Bryan Block at (402) 488-0934. More information about Butherus, Maser & Love, located at 4040 A Street in Lincoln, can be found online at www.bmlfh.com.