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Listing of Obituaries (October 2017)

Barry, Alice
Becker, Anthony (Tony) P.
Domer, James
Fitzgerald, Liam Thomas
Hackworth, Duncan E.
High, Nick
Huffer, Genevieve "Joan"
Hynek, Patricia
Kenney, Lawrence M.
Kotas, Kenneth J.
Kuivinen, Karl Church
Kuster, Marilyn
Lacy, John (Jack)
Miller Andrew Joseph
OGrady, James
Orr, Veryl L.
Perry, Joan Hanson
Rand, Patricia
Sievers, Darlene
Spahn, Phyllis Jane
Terveer, Allen R.
VerMaas, Janice
Weldon, Jill
Wright, Mary Lou
Young, Pauline "Joan"

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