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Listing of Obituaries (November 2010)

Behrens, Esther L.
Border, Vaughn E.
Bradley, Lawrence Herman (Brad)
Brant, Clayton H.
Burgess, Michael Lee
Disney, Larry W.
Divine, Edward O. Jr.
Dondlinger, June Arlene
Erickson, Laura L.
Garson, Dorothy
Geier, Rae D.
Hennigs, Anne L.
Jacoby, Pauline Marie
Johns, Cynthia
Kaarma, Salme
Madsen, Chris M.
Morrissey, Thomas D. Jr.
Nannen, Lynn Mary
O Donnell, Mary Ann
Patocka, Gerald F.
Peterson, Merlin (Pete) Dean
Pofahl, Shari
Ronin, Ione G.
Smiley, Bobbie (Linda)
Spomer, Marvin J.
Stilwell, Minnie
Strouf, Dorothy E.
Terry, Barbara Ann (Clifford)
Tuhey, Richard L.
Wagner, Elaine L.
Wiese, Francis Vincent
Wills, Todd
Yank, Paris Kindera
Zeplin, James T.

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