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Listing of Obituaries (February 2015)

Banker, Margaret
Barthule, Lillian Irene
Beaty, Brian L.
Becker, Irma J.
Crouch, Mary Ann
Funk, Brian Charles
Geren, Michael C.
Gorham, Marilyn
Haas, Norbert P.
Hegarty, Camilla R.
Heiser, Eleanor Jane
Kissack, Jack
Kuenning, Harold "Joe"
Marquez Jr., Antonio
Myers, Blanche Viola
Olsommer, Loretta
Orosco, Tony
Packett, Virginia L.
Parra, Betty Jean
Pike, Ronald L.
Rejda, Lucille
Shiba, M. Pauletta
Shirley, Ken S. "Bopper"
Smith, Paul Dee
Spomer, Lydia
Stutzman, John W.
Thornton-Braunsroth, Phyllis Lorraine
Tiedeman, Brian L.
Utley, Setsuyo
Wagner, Harold F. "Santa"
Young, Penny Louise

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