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Listing of Obituaries (April 2018)

Barnhouse, Jack Junior
Bell, Bryton
Clark, Barbara "Barb" Kay
Dukes, Terry
Edwards, Vicki L.
Gill, Carlos
Gove, Chuck
Haddan, Doyle C.
Holland, John Lee
Humphrey, Marion James
Kingston, Jeffrey S.
Lybarger, Kevin A.
Morris, Nancy Jane
Mullendore, Joy Annette
Petrie, Sean G.
Prochaska, Richard
Richter, Verda R. (Spalding)
Rosenbaum, Lisa
Shimonek, Agnes "Bonnie"
Smith, Marie
Templin, Janice K.
Townsend, Mary Ann
Willemsen, Henry "Hank"
Wolter, John Ernst
Zoucha, Jeanette M. (Winkler)

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