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Listing of Obituaries (July 2011)

Armstrong, Lowell
Arnberger, Ted J.
Atkins, Rose B.
Baldwin, Ellen W. (Updated July 21, 2011)
Behrens, Mary M.
Black, Robert (Bob) L.
Bouges, Merle E.
Bruegmann, Jon R.
Bye, Marvin, R.
Byrne, Jace Lee
Cook. Natalie
Curry, Janet R.
Duckworth, Dorothy M.
Gray, Kenneth De Forest
Gulbranson, Larry B.
Harbaugh, Shirley Marie
Kraatz, Jacob A.
McClatchey, Marie
Mueller, Edgar A.
Nilsson, Lettie M.
Perez, Lena Sheila
Pettey, Waren A. "Pete"
Pipan, Irene Clara Marie
Radek, Henrietta Joan
Reimers, Kirk Walter
Sampson, Jeannine
Schneider Sr., John C.
Schulte, JoAnn
Shaw, Jean Lois Rabinowitz (updated 7/29/11)
Stevens Jr., Henry J.
Studier, Ken
Suhr, Alvin G.
Thramer, Clarence J. (updated 11/17/11)
Tiebel, Ursula P.
Wagner, Harry H.
Weyand, Bertha L.
Witham, Constance "Connie" L.

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