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Listing of Obituaries (July 2012)

Allen, Leo Leroy
Bader, Leo "Lavern"
Beahr, Katherine
Beltz, Shirley J. (Cook)
Budig, Jeffrey A.
Diekmann, Jeff A.
Enevoldsen, Gary G.
Faughn, Florence
Foster, Rose Ann
Fricke, Carl C.
Hanselmann, Rev. Roland Friedrich Leonhard
Hergenrader, Edna M.
Irland, Bruce M.
Knolle, Helen Marvin
Kwan, Dr. Ka-Yeung
Lewis, Esther "Wright"
Luckens, Barbara Lu
Maier, Janet "Jan" L.
Maldonado-Amador, Ericka Shanell
Malone, Kimberly
Miller, Larry John
Rappl, Henry "Mike"
Regan, Bette Jo
Regan, John Patrick
Stout, Mary Iona
Sukovaty, Monica L.
Thomas, Susan
Wells, Janet Mae (Jan)
White, Helene E. (Betty) Burchess
Wismer, Roy M.
Witherspoon, Dianne

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