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Listing of Obituaries (September 2014)

Abendroth, Orin Marlin
Bell, Eric J. "Rick"
Brown, Elizabeth A. (Ball)
Cole, Barbara
Cummings, Jimmy L.
Cushing, Maryelaine
Dushaw, Barbara
Eckles, Alice Mae
Giles, LeRoy W.
Hammerschmidt, Thomas
Hollibaugh, Lyle L.
Huber, Gerald "Jerry" E.
Lauer, Reverend Ernest H.
Lorenz, Milton
Mika, Marcia L.
Moser, Earl A.
Nore, Philip Simon
Podolak, Vincent E. "Vince"
Raybould, Russell Ward
Reinsch, William E.
Rodgers, James E.
Schwalm, Joan Lucile Grass
Sestak, Daniel M.
Sweet, Mary Jane
Swenson, Robert
Thiel, Hugh Edward
Walin, Ruby V.
Wiedeman, Geraldine L. "Gerry"
Winter, John E. "Jack"

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