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Listing of Obituaries (June 2017)

Adams, Dr. A. Birk
Butler, Sheila
Cade, Eunice Elaine
Clabaugh, John S.
Clark, Oren
Cochran, John M.
Corrick, Mary Lou
Gregory, Marie Kathleen (Prather)
Huenink, Shirley M. (TeSelle)
King, Keith
Kohel, Lawrence S.
Langan, Marian Marie
LaRue, Josiah M.
Marshall, Marsha
McDougal, Eldora
Miller, Gwendolyn L.
Naber, Mark
O Neill, Scott Andrew
Pickel, LaVonne
Richard, Adele Elizabeth
Sandquist, Luetta
Smith, Marlene Elaine (Holmes)
Stehr, Eleanor (Ellie) Jean
Swanson, Dr. Noble Leroy
Wagner, Kevin
Will, Joseph

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