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Listing of Obituaries (July 2017)

Baker, Linda K.
Biel, Robert
Boosalis, Michael
Cook, Steve Edgar
Coolidge, Joseph
Ford, Earl E.
Hagedorn, Valdean B.
Harlan, Dale
Harlston, Mildred Louise
Hobart, Joanne J.
Kobza, Lucy (Lucille)
Lewis, Margaret
Lundquist, Frank
Mann, Stephan
Marquardt, Charles J.
Meehan, John "Jack"
Meyer, Russell
Nissen, James A.
Renken, Lowell
Russell, David A.
Salzman, Gary
Sonderegger, Theo
Spence, Gregory L.
Sterns, Ruth J.
Tomhave, Dr. Wesley George
Tremblay, Barbara
Walker, Kenneth
Wenz, Reverend Herbert Emil

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